Keynote & Invitation Report

Keynote Report

Keynote Speaker Department and Institution Topic
Prof. Harald Justnes SINTEF Calcined clay binders
Prof. Zongjin Li Macau University of Science and Technology Corrosion detection in reinforced concrete
Prof. Ángel Palomo Eduardo Torroja Institute Precursors for alkali activated materials
Prof. C.S. Poon The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Ecological concrete recycling
Prof. Johann Plank Technische Universität München Current Status of PCE Superplasticizer
Prof. Jueshi Qian Chongqing University New cement clinker
Prof. Caijun Shi Hunan University UHPFRC
Prof. Qiang Wang Tsinghua University Metallurgical slag in concrete
Dr. Guang Ye Technische Universiteit Delft Modelling of  of geopolymers
Prof. Jos Brouwers Eindhoven University of Technology Concrete mix design

Invitation Report

Invitated Speaker Department and Institution Topic
Biqin Dong  Shenzhen Uninversity Targeted healing system for marine concrete

Dongmin Wang


China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing)

Developing Sustainable Building Materials through Utilization of Steel Industrial Solid Waste: A Case Study of Sintering Flue Gas Desulphurization Ash and Steel Slag Composite Cementitious Material
Guangcheng Long  Central South University Design, preparation, and performance of sustainable concrete incorporating solid waste
Xiaojian Gao  Harbin Insitute of Technology CO2 utilization for both acclerated carbonation cuirng of cement mortar and pretreatment of mineral admixtures
Chang Jun Dalian University of Technology Study on carbonation mechanism of silicate minerals

Hui Li 


Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Design and Application Performance of Phase Change Heat Storage Aggregates and Concrete
Jian Zhou  Hebei University of Technology Low-carbon utilization of waste Sulphoaluminate cement design,performance and application

Zuquan Jin


Qingdao University of Technology

Oxygen diffusion into unsaturated concrete and affecting chloride-induced corrosion of steel bars
Zhengyao Qu  Wuhan University of Technology Bio-inspired design of cementitious materials for 3D printing
Yunsheng Zhang  Southeast University Solidification mechanisms of lead in high ferrite cement clinker
Pengkun Hou  University of Jinan Performance and phase evolution of potassium magnesium phosphate cement under deicing salt erosion
Peng Gao South China University of Technology Investigation of non-uniform deformation, stress, and crack in concrete
Jiayuan Ye   China Building Materials Academy Co.,Ltd. The pathway to low-carbon development: Chinese cement industry

Chong Wang 


Chongqing University

Dispersal mechanism and application technology of power ultrasound in cement based materials
Jinxiang Hong  Sobute New Materials Co.,Ltd. Key Technologies for multiple protection of concrete durability under severe environment
Shin-ichi Igarashi Kanazawa University Air void structure as a random point process
Biranchi Panda Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati 3D concrete printing
Katarzyna Zarębska
AGH University of Science and Technology Effect of the activation agents on the properties of the obtained geopolymers from high-calcium fly ash
Vlastimil Bílek VSB – Technical University of Ostrava Long term development of mechanical properties of concretes with different water to cement ratio and internally cured concretes
Van der Laan Eindhoven University of Technology Future fossil-free steelmaking slags – prospect for sustainable use in building materials
Zuhua Zhang Tongji University Geopolymers for Marine Construction and Resources