Scientists and engineers are invited to submit abstracts and subsequently full papers to the conference in the scope of the following (non-exhaustive) list of topics:

  • Advances in cementitious binders: Carbonating binders, Carbon mineralization, Alkali activated materials, Geopolymer, Calcined clay cement, Magnesium Oxychloride Cement, Non-calcined cementitious binders, etc.
  • Waste recovery, treatments and valorizations: Processing, separating and recycling of building materials, Incineration ashes, Municipal solid waste incineration residues, Steel slags, Mine tailings, Supplementary cementitious materials, etc.
  • Alternative reinforcements for concrete structures: Basalt, Glass and Carbon fiber reinforced polymers, Plastic fiber reinforcement, aluminum alloy reinforcement, etc.
  • Functionalizing building materials: Nano-engineered, Self-healing, Self-cleaning, Self-compacting, Coated, Photocatalytic, Hydrophobic, etc.
  • Green products: Autoclaved aerated concrete, Lightweight concrete, Wood wool cement composites, Gypsum wallboards, Fired clay, Unconventional clays and aggregates, Alternative chemical admixtures, Low CO2 options for concrete, etc.
  • Bio-based materials: Biofibers, Biomineralization, Bacteria, Bio-aggregates, Biodeterioration, Bio-deposition, Agricultural and biorefinery residues, etc.