Duties of Authors

Reporting Standards:
Authors should provide research describing accurately the work performed as well as discussing the results obtained. The section “Experimental” of the manuscript should indicate the experiments performed, ensuring its reproducibility.

• Originality and Plagiarism:

The authors should guarantee the originality of their work as well as the unicity of the submission. If part of the analysis has been reported in other published manuscript, they should be properly cited.

Acknowledgement of Sources:

Adequate citations to the work of others must always be given.

Authorship of the Paper:

To be included in the manuscript authorship the authors must have provided a significant contribution to the design, execution, and discussion of the reported study. All the co-authors but also sponsors and responsible authorities should agree on the manuscript content before submission, as well as approve the article final version before publication.

• Fundamental errors in published works:

If an error in the manuscript submitted is found, the authors have the obligation to notify the conference editors and cooperate to correct the paper.
In the case of plagiarism, the editorial board will notify the authors of the manuscript and will exclude the related article from the ICSBM2023 conference proceedings.