Duties of Reviewers

Contribution to Editorial Decisions:
The editorial board supports the editors in the revision process and can also suggest improvement to the authors to improve the paper.

Once assigned to a reviewer who does not feel competent on the topic treated in the manuscript should communicate the editors and refrain the revision process.

Any contribution submitted to the ICSBM2023 must be treated as confidential documents and therefore not be shown or discussed with others unless allowed by the editors.

• Acknowledgement of Sources:
Reviewers should ensure that any statement or dispute should refer to a relevant citation. Moreover, the originality of the manuscript should be evaluated based on the reviewer’s private knowledge, notifying the overlapping of the content of other articles already published.

• Disclosure and Conflict of Interest:
Reviewers should avoid contributions in which they have a conflict of interest, resulting from a connection with the different parties involved in the article publication.