About the conference

The building sector is by far the largest consumer of raw materials and producer of human-made materials. From a sustainability and circularity point of view, the effects of this demand can among others be mitigated using biogenic resources, smart material design, enhanced durability, functionalization, reuse and recycling, and the use of side streams (“waste”). The conference addresses this challenge starting from a scientific approach: building materials science being a syncretic discipline hybridizing mineralogy, ceramics, solid-state physics, chemistry, metallurgy and biology. Advanced characterization and treatment methods, together with novel technologies and modelling tools, are vital for the study and improvement of the complete life cycle of building materials, from raw materials, to production, use and recycling.

Following the success of the previous conference in Wuhan in 2015, we are pleased to announce the organization of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials, ICSBM 2019, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Thematic workshops will be provided, e.g. Microscopy (Profs. Pöllmann and Van der Laan), 3D printing/additive manufacturing (Profs. Salet and Gehlen), Thermodynamic modelling (Prof. Tyrer) and corporate presentations. Parallel presentation sessions, poster sessions and company exhibition stands will be held for the duration of the conference. A complete social program (including 4 lunches and breaks, 3 dinner and a conference reception buffet) will be included. A social and touristic programme will be offered for partners/days after the conference.

All papers will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on quality, innovation, and relevance. Accepted papers presented during the conference will be collected in a conference proceeding, which will be sent for major indexing (SCOPUS). Excellent papers will be recommended for publication as full-text improved manuscripts, in the special issue of the journals:

Construction and Building Materials



Springer Nature Applied Sciences